How Does It Work?

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Where new and seasoned contractors connect under a new Contractor’s License and create WIN-WIN business opportunities for both! 

NEW Contractors

Under California State Law, it is mandatory for anyone undertaking a construction project costing over $500 in labor and materials to have an active Contractor’s License.

Acquiring a Contractor’s License with the standard licensing exams can be difficult for some. Working with a RMO is a legal alternative to obtaining a Contractor’s License that will save you time AND give you access to an experienced and knowledgeable contractor to support your new business.

RMO Agency maintains a pool of pre-qualified RMOs with the most high-in-demand classifications and locations available immediately. 

We have done all the recruiting work for you and will assist with your licensing application process as well. 

How does the process work? 

  1. CONNECT- Get matched with a qualifier in your area from our pool of pre-qualified and readily-available RMOs!
  2. GET LICENSED- A new license is issued to your corporation with NO test.
  3. GRADUATE- After 5 years working with a clean, active license, you become eligible to be your own license qualifier. 

License Qualifier

A Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) is an industry professional who has already gone through the process of acquiring and maintaining an active Contractor’s License. RMOs are able to serve as license qualifiers and supervisors in California due to certain clauses in the California Business and Professions Code. These clauses, Codes §7065.1 and §7068.1 allow companies to forego the exams needed to get a Contractor’s License by hiring RMOs as supervising officers.

If you have a knack for law and construction as well as a desire to share your knowledge and increase your monthly income stream without doubling your workload, then becoming a RMO might just be your thing.

How does the process work?

  1. CONNECT- Get matched with a pre-qualified Contractor in your area. 
  2. GET PAID- Once the license is issued, you start getting paid monthly and maintain an ongoing relationship with your contractor.
  3. REPEAT- California Contractors State License Board allows you to qualify up to 3 companies at one time

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Business & Professions Code 7068.1

The person qualifying on behalf of an individual or firm under paragraph (1), (2), or (3) of subdivision (b) of Section 7068 shall be responsible for exercising that direct supervision and control of his or her employer’s or principal’s construction operations as is necessary to secure full compliance with the provisions of this chapter and the rules and regulations of the board relating to the construction operations. This person shall not act in the capacity of the qualifying person for an additional individual or firm unless one of the following conditions exists:

(a)There is a common ownership of at least 20 percent of the equity of each individual or firm for which the person acts in a qualifying capacity.

(b)The additional firm is a subsidiary of or a joint venture with the first. “Subsidiary,” as used in this subdivision, means any firm at least 20 percent of the equity of which is owned by the other firm.

(c)With respect to a firm under paragraph (2) or (3) of subdivision (b) of Section 7068, the majority of the partners or officers are the same.

(d)Notwithstanding subdivisions (a), (b), and (c), a qualifying individual may act as the qualifier for no more than three firms in any one-year period.

“Firm,” as used in this section, means a copartnership, a limited partnership, a corporation, or any other combination or organization described in Section 7068.

“Person,” as used in this section, is limited to persons natural, notwithstanding the definition of “person” in Section 7025.

The board shall require every applicant or licensee qualifying by the appearance of a qualifying individual to submit detailed information on the qualifying individual’s duties and responsibilities for supervision and control of the applicant’s construction operations.

CAL. BUS. & PROF. CODE §7065.1.

Notwithstanding Section 7065, the registrar may waive the examination for a contractor’s license under any of the following circumstances:

(a)The qualifying individual has, for five of the seven years immediately preceding the application for licensure, been listed on the official records of the board as a member of the personnel of any licensee who held a license, which was active and in good standing, in the same classification being applied for, and who during the period listed on the license has been actively engaged in a licensee’s construction activities in the same classification within which the applicant applies for a license.

(b)The qualifying individual is an immediate member of the family of a licensee whose individual license was active and in good standing for five of the seven years immediately preceding the application for licensure, and the qualifying individual is able to show all of the following:

(1)The qualifying individual has been actively engaged in the licensee’s business for five of the seven years immediately preceding the application for licensure.

(2)The license is required to continue the existing family business in the event of the absence or death of the licensee.

(3)An application is made for a new license in the same classifications in which the licensee is or was licensed.

(c)The qualifying individual is an employee of a corporation seeking to replace its former qualifying individual and has been employed by that corporation under the following conditions:

(1)For five of the seven years immediately preceding the application for licensure, the qualifying individual has been continually employed by the corporation in a supervisory capacity in the same classifications being applied for.

(2)For five of the seven years immediately preceding the application for licensure, the corporation has held an active license in good standing in the same classifications being applied for.

The corporation has not requested a waiver under this subdivision within the past five years.

For purposes of this section, employees of a corporation shall include, but not be limited to, the officers of a corporation.