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Market studies report that construction is one the largest industries in California.  To become successful within the industry, a contractor license is a required asset. RMO Agency is the adjoining link in obtaining your California contractor’s license efficiently.  We are not a contractor licensing school.  By partnering with our company, there are no tests or stressful applications.  Our main goal is to relieve the pressure off of our clients, so they can focus on the important aspects of growing their business and reaching their career goals. 

Benefits of Becoming Licensed

  • Work legally
  • Hire sub-contractors
  • Charge more
  • Obtain permits
  • Bid larger projects
  • Advertise your work
  • Peace of mind

Benefits of RMO Agency’s Services

  • No hassles or stressful applications
  • Flat fee – no commission or percentage
  • Readily available replacement RMO (responsible managing officer) for backup
  • Professional services
  • RMO pre-screening for criminal background
  • Pre-qualified RMO for smooth licensing process

Important Facts and Updated Regulations

  • It is mandatory in California for anyone performing construction work totaling $500 or more in labor and materials to have a contractor’s license. 
  • A RMO, Responsible Managing Officer, is required to have a contractor's license
  • Any person who hires an unlicensed contractor is a victim and entitled to a refund, regardless if he/she knew the contractor was unlicensed.
  • The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) Investigative Fraud Team conducts stings and sweeps weekly in California
  • First time unlicensed offenders will face six months in jail or a fine of up to $5,000. 
  • Second time unlicensed offenders must pay 20% of the contract price, or $5,000, whichever is greater in addition to at least 90 days in a county jail.
  • Third time unlicensed offenders will be punishable with 90 days to one year in a county jail and a fine between $5,000-$10,000, or 20% of the contract price (Assembly Bill 370).

How it Works

  • RMO Agency will review your license classification needs.
  • There are two options to choose from based on your urgency.
    1. RMO - Partner with one of our qualified RMO's to obtain your classification license for a monthly rate of $945.
    2. Pre-Licensed Shelf Corporation - This option is for those who are in need of expedited services. Contact us for detailed pricing information. Payment plans are available.

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