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Contractors License Without Exam

RMO Agency has helped hundreds of people become licensed contractors without taking any exams. We match individuals who want to obtain their contractor’s license with one of our qualified licensed contractors, so these individuals can be legally licensed and work without having to take the state exam.

Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB) allows an alternative route to getting contractor's license without taking any exams... even if you don’t meet the board’s requirements. It is known as a “waiver application” where the exam can be waived. All you need to do is work with someone who is already a licensed contractor and appoint him/her as the Responsible Manager Officer (RMO)/License Qualifier of your business. Large construction companies have been using this method for many years.

Benefits of RMO Agency’s Services
• No hassles or stressful applications
• Readily available qualified RMOs and Licensing Qualifiers
• Professional services
• Team of knowledgeable licensing consultants
• Flat fee

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